Detecting a leak early is important to prevent further damage or costs. Do not call a plumber they may course more damage trying to find the leak whereas we pinpoint the area of the leak using our top of the range specialist equipment.

Although we often work closely with plumbers there is a big difference in our methods.

Plumbers will usually employ a destructive approach to finding a leak i.e., digging a trench along the line of pipework until they find the leak. As leak detectors we can find the source of a leak without disturbing the environment of your home. It is only when we are certain of the exact location of the leak excavation begins.

We use a variety of top of the range specialist equipment designed to pinpoint your leak limiting the amount of destruction to your property. This allows us to detect :

. Find pipe leaks
. Irrigation leaks
. Mains water leaks
. Domestic water leaks
. Commercial water leaks
. Underfloor heating leaks

Are you suffering from water escape damage to your property? If so, your insurance can pay for the damage restoration work and we have a dedicated team that will work on your behalf to write up a detailed report to show to your insurance, rectifying the water damage as quickly and easily as possible.

The Leak Specialists offer a free of charge insurance claims management service to both commercial and residential clients.

We guarantee a completely stress-free service for you as we take care of everything from the negotiation with your insurance companies to the last coat of paint to your property.

The costs are recoverable through building insurance, under ‘trace and access.’

We provide a full written report purely on your behalf and itemised invoice to assist with a claim.

We are The Leak Specialists !

If you suspect a leak do not hesitate, call us today and we will find you leak quickly, stress free and most importantly without excessive disruption to your property.

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