How to detect a water leak outside or in the garden

If you can’t find any visible signs of a water leak inside your home, you can determine if it’s inside but hidden (underground, for example) or outside by checking your water meter. First, turn off the stop tap so that no water is going into your house; you can check it’s off by running a tap till no water comes out.

Once you’d done this check the meter to see if the dial is still moving, if it is, then the leak is on the supply line outside your home.  If it isn’t, then the leak will be inside, either on an internal pipe or through your appliances.

When you’ve determined that the leak is outside, start looking for signs.  If your meter is installed in your garden, this might include seeing if there are muddy patches around the pipe or if the grass seems to be growing better than in other parts of your lawn.

Finding out how bad the leak is may – unfortunately – involve digging your lawn up. This is something you might want to do before calling a plumber to see if it’s something you can fix yourself.  If the leak is under concrete, you will need to look for other signs.

If you think you have a leak and don’t have a leak detector that tells you where it might be, please call The Leak Speacialists for some advice on 01325 790666.

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