Thermal Imaging​

Thermal Imaging cameras see heat rather than visible light. They can be very sensitive to tiny changes in temperature and the ones that our thermal imaging leak detection specialists use can detect a difference of 0.05°C and give us an instant picture of hot and cold spots in the building which often shows us where hidden pipes run and where water is leaking from as the temperature of the water in the pipes affects the temperature of nearby surfaces.

It’s all done with pictures! We can scan quite large areas at a time and from a distance looking for thermal anomalies, signs that something is just ‘not quite right’ and then zero in for a closer look. There’s absolutely no need to disturb, or even touch, ceilings, walls or floors in order to find the leak source.

Sometimes an anomaly, or clue, can be seen in the images and sometimes the exact location of the leak can be determined accurately; it often comes down to interpreting the thermal images correctly and this is something that our trace and access leak detection specialists are experts at doing.

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